German Origin, First-class Quality
As global famous heating equipment manufacturer, Tehede has annual production capacity of 3 million sets and is committed to providing best heating products to the customers. Tehede radiator originates from Europe and all radiator sections and convection pieces are produced and detected according to European Standard EN442. In order to have best safety performance and durability, we always follow the strictest detection standard. The actual working pressure of radiator sections can be up to 10bar and we are so confident that we detect the products with pressure of 13bar.
Tehede has complete service system including pre-sales service, on-purchase service and after-sales service and dealers boasting strong technical strength and good reputation, thus ensuring that every customer can have comprehensive and systemic technical support.

Notes !


 · Please use the radiator in a closed system instead of an open system to avoid the corrosion of radiating fin

 ·  Don’t use the radiator in wet environment (swimming pool, sauna, greenhouse, etc.)

 ·  Avoid dropping, bumping or bending of the radiator during transportation, and the damage during the transportation is beyond the warranty scope

 ·  Don’t overly tighten the plug, discharge valve or valve to avoid the damage of thread

 ·  Keep the package of the radiator before the completion of all the construction to avoid scratch and surface damage

 ·  Ensure that there’s no dirt or metal filing in the piping system before test run after installation, and clean the whole system before using if necessary

 ·  The maximum working pressure of the radiator is 10bar

 ·  Ensure that the system is closed and under correct pressure when filling water in the radiator for the first time

 ·  Don’t use up the water in the radiator, and add water when necessary. Adding or changing water will lead to certain corrosion and service life reduction of the heating system

 ·  Please take precautions to prevent freezing

 ·  If the water is corrosive or acid, please add antirusting agent in the system